Apex3D B.O.S.S
Apex3D B.O.S.S
Apex3D B.O.S.S

Apex3D B.O.S.S

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This is the Apex3D B.O.S.S or “Bering Optics Scope Sentinel”

The Apex3DB.O.S.S plugs into your usb cover and provides protection for your USB port in conjunction with a magnetic usb cable. Simply replace the rubber cover on your scope with the B.O.S.S. TheB.O.S.S has a rubber base that helps guard against water getting into it. Simultaneously providing that extra bit of hold you need with higher caliber rounds and rifles with just a little more kick. 

Package contains 

1 - Apex3D Boss 

1 - magnetic usb cable 


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