Apex3D Pulsar LRF Guardian
Apex3D Pulsar LRF Guardian

Apex3D Pulsar LRF Guardian

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"Apex3d Pulsar LRF Guardian" is designed to be a perfect companion to your Pulsar  Laser range finder. Designed to protect the expensive glass covering your laser. Held closed with low power magnets that don't affect accuracy 

Why would you risk damage to your range finder lens when there is an option to protect it? If nothing else, you get piece of mind knowing that your lens is not going to get scratched and damaged leading to inaccurate distance readings.

 Made with Carbon Fiber infused plastic with a steel roll pin hinge, this comes with a lifetime no questions asked warrantee. Just return any broken pieces to us and we will send a full replacement no questions asked. Well we may ask what happened so that we can see if it is something that needs to be changed in the design. 



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