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Apex3D Sentinel
Apex3D Sentinel
Apex3D Sentinel
Apex3D Sentinel

Apex3D Sentinel

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The Apex3D Sentinel is designed for the Pulsar Thermion line of scopes. It is a replacement cap that cover over the USB port on the scope and provides a secure charger connection while at the same time keeps the charging port protected from damage. 

Anyone with this scope knows that this is a design flaw when using the scope with an external pack! It’s weak and breaks easily, especially when some of you are out there going ham with your expensive gear!

This will hold your usb cable securely if you’re going Rambo through the bushes or Ken Block on your way to the next stand!

There are 2 different styles here. One is for the magnetic version that uses the magnetic right angle usb cable from TOPK on amazon. The other is for a SUNGUY brand usb right angle cable. You will need to purchase the cable separate as it is not included. 

The TOPK cable has a little light in it that will need to covered with marker, paint or something similar.


SUNGUY https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DBW9YLK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zbtNEb9RS9MH6