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  • Battery Extender for Bering Optics Scopes

    To properly protect your device please ensure you follow the steps listed below   When you install the extender on your scope, ensure the cord loop...
  • Throw lever Assembly

    When you get your throw lever it will have a cap on it.  1. Remove the cap 2. Slide throw lever one the end of the scope. If it won't fit over the ...
  • ABL Bolt gun relocation

    Having trouble with the bolt gun relocation kit? I have heard that I am sending the wrong bolts because they won’t reach all the way through to gra...
  • ABL Guardian Installation instructions!

    INSTRUCTIONS   STEP 1: Remove the 4 screws that hold the original cover on the ABL STEP 2: Remove the original plastic cover STEP3: Install Apex ...

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